Common mistakes that ruin your ring look

Though home-based cleaning methods do matter to put up a cleaning effect on your ring. But you need to avoid these mistakes that can damage look and shine of your ring. When you does not take your ring to some jewelry store for cleaning, when you start to treat your rings in a destructible manner, when you play sports while having rings on your hands, when you lift weights and to swim while wearing rings on your hands- all of these factors damage your ring quality and shine. Suppose you have bought a Damascus steel ring then how can you properly take care of it. If you will avoid below mentioned mistakes and acts then we are 100% sure that your all rings will remain to shine and be in their 100% quality zone forever.

You wear rings while playing sports and lifting weights

There is an important reason when your rings start to lose their qualities and shine, it happens so when you wear rings while playing sports, lifting weights or while doing swimming. If you are playing a tennis racket or sports of volleyball or if you are carrying weights then this kind of heavy sports can chip or knock out your ring. You have to remain careful enough. On the other hand, if you are swimming while having a ring on your hands then it is not at all a good idea either. When you will jump into the cold water then this act can actually shrink your fingers and it will become easier for your ring to just slip off. Take off your rings whenever you are into such tasks or sports. Rings are precious jewelry items, they have sentimental meaning in the. Rings carry emotional meaning in them. Taking care of your rings is your entire and whole duty.

You wear rings while cooking

It is especially during cooking process when we accidentally damage our rings texture. Suppose you are making meatballs, if you are rolling cookie dough, if you are marinating meat and all this cooking has to be done with your hands and you have still rings on your hands then guess what will happen? Your ring will lose all their shine and quality. You should be taking your rings off while you are cooking.

You do not treat your rings in an emotional way

Treat your rings as if they are emotionally attached to you. Certain sentiments are attached to your wedding and engagement ring. Take care of them a lot as if they mean a treasure for you.

Stay tuned. And how you damage your Damascus steel kukri, we will sooner share more reasons with you.