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Summertime Driving Dangers

Summer time is the best time to hit the road. But did you know that summertime driving is more dangerous than winter driving? According to an auto insurance article, the most dangerous months for driving are between June and September. So why would summertime driving be more dangerous than those awful icy and snow-covered roads of wintertime? Some of the reasons why summertime driving is more dangerous include: more traffic on the road due to people on vacation, objects in the road leading you to tire blowouts, more teens on the road because school is out, construction, more motorcycles and bikes, and intense heat combined with scorching sun. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), you can avoid dangerous summer driving conditions by following these simple steps: always stay alert, get out and stretch, don’t use your cell phone while behind the wheel, never drive when tired or drowsy, and always keep your eyes on the road. If you follow these safety tips you can avoid dangerous summertime driving conditions.

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