Custom Boxes with Logo Types Available

Custom Boxes with logo is not a very new trend but a fashionable one in the market today. It has been however amore recent branding technique being used by almost every company intending to make amark in the minds of its customers. A custom printed box with logo is an identity of your business whenever your product is shipped or received by the customers. The product itself although is of primary importance but the first impression of your product is reflected by the packaging it has. If the packaging wins hearts of the customers, the chances that the product will be a winner too are increased.

There are many online and offline companies in the market available today everywhere around the world. These companies offer a list of shapes, sizes, decorations and finishing you can choose from to make a customised box for your business with logo and other necessary information you would like to add.

Elements in the Custom boxes with logo

Custom boxes with logo usually consist of:

  • The company logo
  • Tagline of the business
  • Contact numbers
  • Address of the company
  • Facebook Twitter or other social media profiles of the business
  • Related finishing if desired by the company
  • Related colourscheme or customised design

Types of Custom Printed Boxes No Minimum

There are many types and shapes and sizes available in the market. Youcan choose your preferred shape and size and design to make your customised box design.

  1. Slide open boxes

These come in different sizes, and their lid slides backwards to reveal the product inside

  1. Geometrically shaped boxes

There are boxes of different geometric shapes depending upon the variety available with the box makers. There are square shaped, rectangle, oblong, round, hexagonal, diamond shaped, octagonal, rhombus shaped ad bar-shaped boxes. The sizes vary according to your requirement

  1. Heart shaped boxes

These are heart shaped favour boxes.They are specially designedfor valentines and other such events.

  1. Tab top favour boxes

These are usually smaller sized boxes with a flap overlapping and hooking in each other.

  1. Sweet boxes

There are special sweet boxes in different sizes and shapes. On events where sweets are to be distributed among friends and family customised small sized boxes are available

  1. Apparel boxes

Specially designed to place the clothing items these are sleek boxes rectangle in shape in smaller, medium and big sizes

  1. Jewelry boxes

These are hard boxes lined with silk cloth or another fine lining inside to keep jewellery safe and secure. They come in variety of sizes too

  1. Gable boxes

Like the ones, you bring along with MacDonald’skid’smeal. These gable boxes are suitable to put in any irregularly shaped product inside. Even heightened product can also be packed in such a box

  1. Gift boxes

The plain separable lid and a conventional box under it are the gift boxes suitable for almost every product. They are also in various sizes

  1. Finishing adorned boxes

There are many companies that offer different designs of finishing and adornments on the boxes. They are attractive and pretty and give a warm touch to your packaging.More info